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"OBE, out-of-body-experience"

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From an early age...

Born on September 11th, 1959, Jonathan Womack began leaving his body on the night of Oct. 6th, 1965 after watching an episode of the TV show, "Lost in Space". A year later, after watching the Saturday morning cartoon, "The Adventures of Superboy", Jonathan's energy-body began donning the astral cape and leotards during his OBE travels.

A Cry for a Hero

First conceived of in 1985, it was not until January, 1999, when "the voice over his shoulder" said is the time. Jonathan took pen in hand and weaved some of his experiences into the fabric of an out-of-body superhero adventure involving a terrorist attack on American soil. Jonathan was writing the climactic ending when 9/11 struck. The manuscript was shelved indefinitely.


Jonathan has spent more than half-a-century exploring the here-and-now, the astral-planes, and the higher-realms. He has had a positive effect on people trampled with adversity and parents grieving the loss of a child. His books, TV and film projects present his view that surviving physical death is an automatic process and we are all souls taking part in earth-school.

Current Projects

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"Jonathan, thank you for sharing this with me. You've tapped into something special deserving of a Hollywood film."

- Lloyd Levin, Producer, Die Hard 2, Tomb Raider, Hellboy, Predator.

The long-shelved sequel to A Cry for a Hero, titled Ram I Am is coming to print.

For Immediate Release: March 15, 2018 - Boston. RAM I AM (Hardcover, Dec. 2018 - Charles River Press), the sequel to Jonathan Womack's out-of-body superhero adventure, A Cry for a Hero, (Top Honors-Hollywood Book Festival) was originally scheduled for release in December of 2012. Just as "A Cry for a Hero" was delayed due to the nature of its subject matter, the sequel was put on hold due to the nature of the story and its climax. After six years of sitting on the shelf, Womack feels the time is right for this story to be told.

Ram I Am involves a group of three American scientists who study ancient, "sacred" technologies such as the earth grid, free energy and DNA remapping. The groups' political views are extreme-right and when the scientists aquire super-abliities after a resequencing experiment, they plot to use those powers to destroy the Arab world.

Jack, AKA Ram, Vonya, and Dr. Hadji Keef are back for more action, romance, and suspense, taking on earths' newest super villains, Torque, Genetic, and Trojan, rogue FBI agents, and ancient demons, in a battle to save the Middle East from cataclysmic destruction. Can our heroes stop the super-scientists from carrying out their murderous cleansing?

The book is being published by Charles River Press in hardcover and ebook. Both are slated for late 2018 release.

"Womack is the Stan Lee of novelists." -Matt Reyes, New England Comics

Read an excerpt.


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